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About MOWS

We're on a mission to streamline hiring

Tired of spending months of time and money, sifting through hundreds of CVs, and wasting productive working hours on finding the right potential?

So are we, which is why we started MOWS.

Our global network of +400 talent acquisition partners in more than 40 countries allows you to expand your hiring horizons and to effortlessly build an extensive global pipeline for finding amazing new talent for your organization.

We will take care of everything from sourcing to interviewing to relocating the candidates while you can focus on shipping world-class products.

The Process

We will take care of the hard part

MOWS combines a global pool of experts with a smart interview platform to find you the right professionals. We work with your team to match interviews to your recruitment requirements and curate a list of suitable candidates with clear competency assessments, dramatically increasing your engineering productivity, hiring velocity, and hiring yield.

01 Recruiting Alignment

Our 2 x 360° thoroughly reviews the job description, responsibilities, success metrics, and task attraction elements as well as the requirements and personality factors of the role.

02 Global Sourcing

Our extensive network of Talent Sourcing professionals around the world ensures that our search is not limited to a single geographic area, but instead we gain access to the best global talent

03 Technical Interviews

Our interviews assess candidates' technical and soft skills. We collaborate with your engineering team to deliver tailored interviews with proven questions and formats that reflect the most relevant competencies and deliver them in an empathetic and human way.


04 Final Round Interviews

You have the best picture of your company's culture, which is why the final rounds are conducted through an in-house interview. We provide a tool for this to facilitate the comparison of the most potential candidates


05 Hiring Decision

Now is the time to make a decision. Our data-based tools will help you make the right choice based on candidate data.

06 Relocation (Optional)

Forget about paperwork and unnecessary hassle: We will take care of everything for you and make sure your newly hired talent is working with you wherever you are as soon as possible!

Recruiting Alignment
Global Sourcing
Technical Interviews
Final Round Interviews
Hiring Decision
Relocation (Optional)

Our Recipe for Success

Three E's for better hiring

All our activities are based on three basic principles: Effectiveness, Efficiency and Equality.


Hiring is too important to conduct poorly. Increasing data-based intelligence throughout the process brings the right people forward and helps build lasting teams.


Organizations spend too much productive time on hiring. Our goal is to maximize the time your team can use on what they do best.


There are often unwanted biases in hiring. By bringing structure, data, and coaching to hiring, it makes it easier to base decisions on data, not gut feel.

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